Our lupins come from Bavarian organic farming. They are grown, harvested and processed right on our doorstep, so to speak. The journey of the raw beans to our roasting plant is therefore not particularly long. In fact, it is almost 100 times shorter than the average distance that conventional coffee has to travel before it is processed in a German coffee roasting plant.

We also know exactly how the lupins are grown and fertilized. This guarantees that no artificial fertilizers or other chemicals are used to increase yields. The entire process is transparent and we can trace which field our raw lupins come from and which variety was used. Regional sourcing also ensures that everyone is paid a fair wage and that no one has to work under inhumane conditions. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with conventional coffee.

This means that the cultivation, sourcing and processing of lupins is not only clearly COless than conventional coffee, it also ensures that everyone along the value chain is paid fairly and that no unnecessary chemicals are used that put unnecessary strain on people and nature.