Koffeinentzug - Der Start in ein koffeinfreies Leben
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Caffeine withdrawal - The start to a caffeine-free life

What can you expect when starting a caffeine-free life? Find out all about the possible withdrawal symptoms, how you can alleviate them and the benefits of living without caffeine.
7 Produkte aus Lupinen, die du kennen solltest
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7 lupin products you should know about

Lupins are not only delicious and nutritious when roasted. Here are 7 lupin products you should definitely know about.
kaffee-alternative in Kaffeetasse
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The 7 most popular decaffeinated coffee alternatives

In addition to lupin coffee, there are other hot drinks on the market for caffeine-free coffee alternatives. An inventory.
Lupinenkaffee in Tassen auf Boxen

Buying lupin coffee - what you should look out for

Find out everything you need to know to find the perfect lupin coffee for you - from the right roast level and certifications to the taste and, above all, where you can buy lupin coffee.
Simon & Jan von Loffee vor einer Rösterei

Loffee - The production & the brains behind it

Loffee is roasted just as elaborately as the best conventional coffees. Find out more about the production of lupin coffee & the people behind it here.
Lupinenkaffee wird in Tasse geschüttet

Preparing lupin coffee in a French press & filter - how it works

How to make lupin coffee in a French press & filter and get the best out of your next cup of coffee. Loffee out of your next cup.
Lupinenkaffee zubereitet in einer Tasse in der linken Hand einer Frau. In der recht Hand hält sie eine Tüte Loffee.
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Alkaline, organic & caffeine-free: Is lupin coffee really that healthy?

We investigate the question and look at the properties of Loffee in more detail.
Biene vor Lupinen
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The bee loves lupine

Loffee is not only good for us, bees also love the colorful flowers!
Lupinenkaffee in ganzen Bohnen vor Loffee-Tüte

What is lupin coffee? An overview

Lupin coffee is the best caffeine-free coffee alternative on the market. Find out why we say so here.