How it tastes Loffee best

Lupin coffee preparation - The Brew Guide

Making lupin coffee - as easy as making coffee.

Lupin coffee is prepared in much the same way as classic coffee. Whether stovetop pot, filter or French press - with a few tips, you can easily get the maximum aroma and the best taste from your daily coffee. Loffee out.

Lupin coffee preparation in the filter

You can find detailed instructions for making lupin coffee in a filter or French press here in this article.

The difference? The roast.

In general, the way your lupin coffee will taste depends on the degree of roasting and grinding. Lighter roasts are best prepared in a filter. This is where the subtle flavors are best extracted and not overpowered by roasted aromas. As the roasting temperature increases, the beans build up more roasted and bitter substances and are increasingly better suited as espresso.

The 20/20 rule

The degree of grinding is also crucial for the success of a delicious coffee. As lupins swell much more than coffee, the beans must be ground coarser overall. The total amount of powder must also be reduced. 
We call this the 20/20 rule: grind the beans approx. 20% coarser than you are used to with conventional coffee and use 20% less powder. In general, please do not use more than 30g Loffee when preparing in the filter.
If you are not sure about the grind, you can also order all our varieties already ground. We grind all varieties so that they are suitable for every type of preparation. We call this "omni-grind". 

The premier class: the fully automatic machine

Special care should be taken when preparing coffee in a fully automatic machine: With your machine, it should be possible to adjust the grind and the amount of coffee used. Otherwise the grind will be too fine and the machine will have problems extracting the powder. You can find all further details on successful preparation here:

This is how it works best.

Our recommendations

Zubereitung Lupinenkaffee Filter

Preparation in Filter & Co.

To prepare a filter lupin coffee, it is best to use a hand filter, French press or Chemex. The grind should be quite coarse and you should use 20% less powder than for conventional coffee. This preparation method is perfect for our Mild roast suitable.

Zubereitung Lupinenkaffee Espressokocher

Espresso preparation

For the preparation of an espresso we recommend our classic or Intensive. Thanks to the darker roast, both lupin coffees impress with a pleasant roasted note. The taste is rounded off with fine malt and nut aromas. Please do not grind too finely, as the powder swells very much.

Zubereitung Lupinenkaffee Filter Vollautomat

Preparation in a fully automatic machine

The supreme discipline in the preparation of lupin coffee. With the right setting, you get a fine crema and pleasantly sweet aromas of milk chocolate. Only suitable for fully automatic machines where the amount of coffee and the grind can be adjusted. Here we recommend our Intensive Loffee. Please check in advance (instructions or contact the manufacturer) whether your machine is suitable for this.

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