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Loffee is lupin coffee that is specially refined in drum roasters. Like the best conventional coffees. This develops Loffee aromas that surprise and impress.

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Loffee generally tastes very sweet, pleasantly chocolaty and slightly malty to nutty. The roasted aromas make it taste very similar to conventional coffee.

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Loffee You can prepare lupin coffee in the same way as conventional coffee. We generally differentiate between filter, espresso and fully automatic preparation. You can find details in the Brew Guide.

Organic guarantees that the lupins are grown pesticide-free and roasted and packaged according to strict specifications. This is not only good for you, but also good for the environment.

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Lupins contain a variety of minerals (calcium, magnesium and iron), trace elements and vitamins (C, D, B6 and B12). However, as you only enjoy the infusion and not the whole seed when drinking coffee, the levels of the respective substances are low. On the other hand Loffee free from gluten, coffee acids and additives. Lupin coffee is an alkaline food.

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No. Only the wild type of lupin contains bitter and poisonous alkaloids. However, we only use a special type of sweet lupin for production, which does not contain any alkaloids or other harmful substances. We also roast the coffee at a maximum temperature of 180°C. This ensures that no acrylamide is formed.

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None at all. With Loffee is 100% roasted organic sweet lupins. No flavors, no sugar, no additives.

No, lupin coffee is naturally caffeine-free.

No. Loffee consists of 100% roasted lupins. Nothing else.


Loffee Lupin coffee is roasted in two small drum roasters for just under 30 minutes at a maximum temperature of 180°C. This ensures that no acrylamide builds up. The long roasting process allows the beans to develop complex aromas and a fine roasted note.

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We only use certified organic blue sweet lupins from Germany for our roasts. The varieties we use have an above-average protein content and very little bitterness. This means that Loffee so pleasantly sweet and has a lot of body.

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How to order

We ship insured with DHL on the next working day. For example, if you place your order on a Monday, the freshly roasted Loffee will be with you on Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

We accept all common payment methods. PayPal, on account with Klarna, bank transfer, credit card, etc.

Should you Loffee® does not taste good or you cannot tolerate it, please write us an short message with a description of how you prepared it and we will refund the purchase price. With the remaining Loffee you can certainly make a friend happy :)

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