Koffeinentzug - Der Start in ein koffeinfreies Leben
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Caffeine withdrawal - The start to a caffeine-free life

What can you expect when starting a caffeine-free life? Find out all about the possible withdrawal symptoms, how you can alleviate them and the benefits of living without caffeine.
7 Produkte aus Lupinen, die du kennen solltest
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7 lupin products you should know about

Lupins are not only delicious and nutritious when roasted. Here are 7 lupin products you should definitely know about.
kaffee-alternative in Kaffeetasse
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The 7 most popular decaffeinated coffee alternatives

In addition to lupin coffee, there are other hot drinks on the market for caffeine-free coffee alternatives. An inventory.
Lupinenkaffee zubereitet in einer Tasse in der linken Hand einer Frau. In der recht Hand hält sie eine Tüte Loffee.
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Alkaline, organic & caffeine-free: Is lupin coffee really that healthy?

We investigate the question and look at the properties of Loffee in more detail.
Biene vor Lupinen
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The bee loves lupine

Loffee is not only good for us, bees also love the colorful flowers!
Lupinenkaffee-Tüte von oben, daneben Tasse mit ganzen Lupinen darin
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Why organic lupin coffee is good for us all

Why organic lupin coffee? All about requirements & advantages.