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Buying lupin coffee - what you should look out for

Find out everything you need to know to find the perfect lupin coffee for you - from the right roast level and certifications to the taste and, above all, where you can buy lupin coffee.

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Your guide to the right lupin coffee

Lupin coffee is now more than just a trend - a steadily growing number of health-conscious people are opting for lupins when it comes to caffeine-free enjoyment. Lupin coffee is produced by roasting and preparing sweet lupins in the same way as coffee.

A cup of lupin coffee tastes wonderfully nutty and chocolaty and is ideal to enjoy with milk (alternatives).

However, there are a few things to bear in mind when buying.

Here you can find out everything you need to know to find the perfect lupin coffee for you - from the right degree of roasting and certification to the taste and, above all, where you can buy lupin coffee.

By the way: Lupine is perfect domestic alternative to soy and an excellent substitute for meat, because: Lupin seeds contain almost 40% protein. A real all-rounder when it comes to plant-based nutrition.

The most important differences in the quality of lupin coffee

When choosing the right lupin coffee, you will come across some considerable differences, which often only become apparent in the cup. However, there are three indicators that can help you to assess the quality of the final beverage before you buy it:

The method of preparation, the production method and any certifications.

1. type of lupin coffee preparation - classic or instant?

As with coffee, with lupin coffee you can choose whether you want to prepare it the classic way with (freshly) ground beans or as instant coffee for dissolving.

Instant lupin coffee clearly wins in terms of speed compared to unprocessed lupin coffee. But aven if it is quick, we miss the coffee ritual with this type of preparation. Brewing in a filter coffee machine leaves rooms smelling wonderful, while preparing it in a French press gives us a little break from the day. In this article you will find brief instructions on how to do this.

Furthermore, the production of instant powder, whether from decaffeinated lupine or Arabica beans, requires a large amount of additional energy and does not always work without additives. This additional effort is usually reflected in the price.

For these reasons, we do not recommend instant lupin coffee. 

Roasted lupin seeds, on the other hand, can either be bought already ground or as whole beans and then freshly ground. With the preparation of lupin coffee, there are no limits: whether in a coffee filter or French press, in a portafilter machine or fully automatic machine - this coffee alternative offers you every aspect of your favorite ritual.

2. production method - What degree of roast for lupin coffee?

The degree of roast of lupin coffee is primarily determined by the roasting temperature. Basically, the hotter it is roasted, the darker and stronger the taste.

In contrast to conventional coffee, lupin coffee not only contains no caffeine, but also no chlorogenic acid, which has to be broken down during roasting. Roasting therefore says nothing about the coffee's digestibility, but mainly about its taste.

Which roast is right for you therefore depends on your preferred taste.

We recommend lighter roastsif you like to drink your lupin coffee as a filter coffee without milk and gentle, sweet aromas are important to you. Darker roasts have intense roasted aromas that stand up better to milk and are popular in cappuccinos. If you can't decide, it's best to go for the best of both worlds: One medium roast.

Some packaging indicates the approximate degree of roast, which makes the choice a little easier and is a sign of quality for us. With other suppliers, you have to find this out for yourself and experiment until you have found the optimum roast for your taste.

Loffee Lupin coffee in the hands of a woman

3. certification - Does it have to be organic lupin coffee?

There are also certified organic options for coffee substitutes made from lupine.

First of all, organic says nothing about the flavor of the lupin coffee, but above all gives you the assurance that it was grown pesticide-free and roasted and packaged under strict control. Therefore, choosing organic lupin coffee should not be motivated by the desire for a better aroma, but rather by the health aspects and benefits in terms of sustainability.

Even if we ourselves are committed to organic cultivation: Lupin coffee is much easier to grow without large amounts of fertilizer or pesticides compared to the "classic" alternative with caffeine, as the lupin plant is considered to be very frugal and uncomplicated. The potential advantage of organic farming in this respect is therefore somewhat less than for coffee, for example.

Bee in front of lupine plantEven without an organic label, lupin coffee can be seen as much more sustainable than coffee due to its cultivation and production in Germany.

This means that the decision to buy organic lupin coffee is primarily a question of personal attitude rather than quality.

Summary - The right lupin coffee

We advise you to choose an organic-certified lupin coffee for classic preparation, on which the degree of roast is clearly indicated. The best way to find out which roast level is the right one is to do one of our favorite things: Tasting.


Where to buy lupin coffee

Where can you buy lupin coffee? Lupin coffee is very rarely available in supermarkets, sometimes in well-stocked organic specialty stores. For the best selection, you should buy lupin coffee online.

1. in brick-and-mortar stores

Even though lupin coffee is probably the best coffee substitute, it is despite its popularity, it is still not widely available in stores.

In most REWE supermarkets, Edeka stores or Rossmann stores, you can find more and more products made from regional sweet lupins, but you are often disappointed by the availability of the roasted seeds.

However, you will have more luck in well-stocked organic markets or smaller local suppliers: here, at least powder for dissolving (instant) is usually available, but increasingly also the ground beans. However, this range is nowhere near the variety of products available for coffee beans.

Lupin coffee capuccino in the hand of a man.2. in specialized online stores for lupine coffee

For the largest selection and best buying advice, we recommend Buy lupin coffee online. Here you can choose from a wide range of different manufacturers, some of which deliver the roasted lupins directly to you via their own online stores without any middlemen. By buying directly from the manufacturer, you not only benefit from the best possible freshness, but can also access the knowledge of the respective company and receive expert advice.

For example, if you are interested in Loffee you benefit from fast and uncomplicated delivery directly to your front door.

Loffee also performs very well in comparison with other brands in the Lupin coffee test by Happy Coffee very well. Author Heidi was particularly impressed by the preparation in the Chemex and praised its taste: "(...) aromatic, and in addition to gentle roasted flavors, a small, subtle bitter note comes through (...) I find it so delicious that I don't even need milk with it." (Tested here was our classic Loffee)


Lupin coffee in cups on boxes

Conclusion: Lupin coffee quality is easy to recognize and quickly available online

Lupin coffee is a tasty and sustainable alternative to conventional coffee. You can find it more and more often in local stores, but for the widest selection of lupin coffee products, we recommend buying it online. online directly from the manufacturer. When buying, look for organic certification if possible and an indication of the roast level so you know if it suits your drinking habits. By opting for unprocessed lupin coffee instead of instant powder, you can bring a sustainable, caffeine-free coffee ritual into your home.

Get your cup Loffee and enjoy the health benefitsthat caffeine-free lupine coffee brings!

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